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Posted by @jj1 in Women's Health, Jun 19, 2012

Do breasts change sizes, on their own, for no apparent reason? i noticed this a few days ago. it looks like they are getting bigger, and i feel more "fuller". The only thing is, i can't find a reason why, or a reason that is apparent or normal. I am not pregnant, i have no lumps, .... help. Is it just me, or can this actually happen?

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Posted by @bevyjean, Jul 26, 2012

I know that they can stay large and swollen if your unable to breast feed, be smaller on one side, shrink, and slowly drop. But you should go get a breast exam done. Or as the girls and I call it "strech and press". 🙂 it'll get better answers for you. You could at best have over active glands, especially if you've been around a pregnant or breast feeding woman.


Posted by @jj1, Aug 11, 2012

thanks, bevyjean. a question, why would they swell because of not breast feeding? i have not been around pregnant women or breast feeders, any other words of advice?!

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