Breast tumor has become painful...

Posted by ahurlbert30 @ahurlbert30, Aug 19, 2020

5 weeks post diagnosis of triple neg bc. Slated to start chemo next week and in the past week to 1.5 weeks the tumor has become painful. It started out intermittently painful and no it’s sharp pain all the time. I fee like contacting the doctor at this point is fairly pointless but none the less it has me stressed. Not sure what my question is but wondering if anyone else experienced pain with their BC.

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I personally didn't experience any pain pre-surgury or pre-chemo. However, sister-to-sister my best advice is always to call or visit your oncologist and voice your questions. It's not necessary to have him/her call you back as long as someone in their office is willing to convey the answer/s back to you. Most oncologists and surgeons have a Physician's Assistant (PA) there to do just that thing and serve as a patient navigator in this journey.


I definitely think you should call the Dr. and alert him to your pain. I never had any pain but if I did I won’t suffer in silence. There is likely a simple fix.


I had adeno squamous metaplastic carcinoma and I also had breast pain with my breast cancer. My pathology report showed neural invasion which means that the cancer jumped onto a nerve. I had always thought that breast cancer was not painful but I was wrong. Mine was very painful.

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