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breast pain

Posted by @strongenough2011 in Just Want to Talk, Jan 5, 2012

I am wanting to know if a mammagram will pick up on breast lumps if you are very small? I am 5'0 and have lost down weight, i am down to 88-89 pds. I had a mamagram in July of this past year with a ultrasound and they found a spot but suggested that i come in for a 6 mth follow up. I have that appt scheduled in a few weeks. I have been having some pain in my right breast that comes and goes. I have had a hysterectomy 2 1/2 years ago and have been on HRT, combonation of estergren and progesterone.

I was just courious about this pain. It comes and goes but it is like a tightening in my breast. Can anyone shed some light on this or have delt with this before?


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Posted by @usher99, Jan 13, 2012

Yes, mammograms see lumps. I also had total hysterectomy 7 yrs. Have had tumors and cysts, benign. Have had painful breast for yrs and jus had mammo and ultrasound all normal. Somme people are just lumpy and it could be hereditary. To rid the pain? I have found that cutting out caffiene and carbonated drinks help alot. I think smoking can contribute to the pain too.


Posted by @strongenough2011, Jan 13, 2012

Thanks for responding. I go next Thursday for a mamagram follow up. I have found another spot under my arm a few days ago. And last week noticed a clear discharge. It hasn't done it again since then so i don't know if it is just hormones making it do that or not.

I had a time last year with my lymph nodes swollen everywhere and a bioposy of the one of of my neck showed benign reactive lymphiod hyperplaisa. I still have swollen lymp nodes in my neck. Could this possibly be a swollen lymph node in my breast? I was told that i had very dense breast so i would think that it would be harder to pick up on these kind of things on a mamagram.

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