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Breast Cancer & Mastectomy

Posted by @grammy2many, Jan 26, 2012

I noticed a small pea size lump on my upper breast very close to my chest wall. It is now about the size of a marble and the skin above it has a bruised color to it. There is some dimpling of the skin on one side of the lump.
I live in a small town and when to see a surgeon that was recommended by my Dr.
After the initial details, he felt the lump and said that’s exactly the type of lump that has us very suspicious. He told me I would need to have an Ultra Sound biopsy and it would take about 7 days to get the results back.
He next ‘out of the blue’ comment was very casual as he asked me if I had considered a Mastectomy. I was shocked to hear this when I haven’t even had the biopsy. I’m not sure what to think at this point.



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Posted by @cummaquid, Mar 14, 2012

Hi grammy, I just joined this community and saw your post. I just was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer…have had the lumpectomy and am now waiting to see if the path reports say I have to go on to node excision chemo or radiation etc. I too am a gramma, have had not female relatives with breast cancer! My goal is to change my diet to strengthen my immune system and to cope with this diagnosis so suddenly. Have you had another opinion for your situation?

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