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Breast Cancer and chemo

Posted by @redslayer2sgrl in Breast Cancer, Jul 17, 2011

Hi. In Aprill 2011 I had a radical mastectomy due t metastic breast cancer. I had 20 nodes removed with cancer in the first 9. I am currently doing chemo therapy. I have not had any reconstruction and will have radiation after chemo. I would like to talk to anyone with the same diagnosis and therapy about the side effects and what to look forward too. I also would like to talk to anyone that knows anything about diet with this type of cancer during treatment and after treatment to help me on the right path. I have learned alot about it myself including the side effects of the chemo, what will happen to you, and how you will feel about things. Would love to talk

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Posted by @sansan, Sep 16, 2011

Hi redslayer, I was recently diagnosed with recurrent breast cancer with 3 axillary lymph nodes positive out of 9. I waiting for the results of her2 which determines the chemo drug I will receive and also porta cath insertion prior to the start of my chemotherapy treatment. Hope you can give me some feedback as to your experiences with chemo, I gather it's not very pleasant ie the side effects.
Re. diet, I have been doing some research and fish and chicken, lots of veggies and fruits seems to be the way to go, try to avoid red meat. I have also started making smoothies, great recipes on the internet which combines fruits and green veggies such as spinach, swiss chard. Try these sites to start..GREEN FOR LIFE, INCREDIBLE SMOOTHIES AND ODE TO SMOOTHIES, they are really great and very nutritious. They should help in boosting your immune system.
All the best and hope to hear from you.


Posted by @redslayer2sgrl, Sep 25, 2011

Just finished my 6 large doses of taxotere, carboplastin, and herceptin every 3 weeks since May. I also got herceptin every week and am now on every 3 weeks till next May. Be prepared.......stay out of bed, walk as much as you can, and drink drink drink to flush. Do not use metal forks and spoons or knives, use only plastic once the metal taste starts in your mouth. I ate lots of mash potatoes, michaelina frozen fettuccine Alfredo, and orange Gatorade on the brink of frozen slushy style. Do not drink any water that is not distilled because you will taste the chemicals in the water. Do not eat anything during chemo that you want to continue after chemo because it is true you will no longer want to stomach those things again. The week after when it will hit for 4 or 5 days it feels like the worst flu from head to toe with the headache, neck ache, and I had horrible diarrhea for the whole time 10 to 20 times a day. The last chemo I cheated and took the after meds for 3 extra days beyond what the doctor said and the side effects were dramatically lessened. I lost my hair after the second treatment but im weird and it started growing back after the 3rd one. Doc said I was one of three hed ever seen that happen too. I warn you if you stay in bed you will be sicker. Oh and butterscotch hard candies helped to suck on and rid the metal temporarily, keep by bed for night too. On October 6th I will start the diet for your blood type that my physician put me on they say it is the best for cancer patients you will lose slow but it is healthy and what your blood needs. Let me know if you want more info on particulars. Good luck and prayers.


Posted by @steph42, Sep 24, 2011

Drink lots and lots and lots of water. This will help your liver process the chemo. My Dr. gave me some great premeds that really reduced my side effects. My worst days were the week immediately after chemo (I had taxotere 6x and herceptin). The week after that my white blood cell count would drop the most but never enough to need additional meds. As for diet I ate mostly what I wanted. Had to avoid fresh fruits and veggies the week after chemo week when white blood cell count was down. Also avoid product with soy and ask your doctor before taking any vitamins or herbal supplements.

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Posted by @motherbunk, Nov 30, 2011

I have Stage 3C breast cancer and have just finished 4 months of AC and Taxol chemo and am about to start 33 radiation treatments. I have had 16 lymph nodes removed and a lumpectomy and the dr. said I have a 45% chance of cancer coming back. I would be happy to give you and advice about chemo; however, each chemo is different. I was on A/C and Taxol. Accupuncture was a lifesaveer for nausea and neuropathy.. Drinking water really helps - drink a gallon of fluid a day to flush out the chemo. Good Luck to you!

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