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Recently, I had an MRI without contrast done because I’ve constantly been having headaches/migraines, dizziness/unsteadiness, some visual issues and a few other things like memory problems that I feel a 30 yr old like myself shouldn’t be experiencing. I’ve had these issues going on for a few years. I only really paid attention to them as they’ve gotten a bit worse. My first thought was a brain tumor since the symptoms line up. The first question I have is: if I’ve had a brain tumor for a few years (4 or more) would it be large enough to show up on an MRI if the tech wasn’t specifically looking for one? Surely, if it’s been growing for years, the dr/radiologist should’ve seen it? My results came back clear. My scan was only 12 mins which makes me question if the scan was thorough enough to rule out a tumor completely. My follow up isn’t for another three weeks and these questions are nagging me.

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Hi, I know radiologists are trained to spot anything unusual and always note it down. Has your PC ordered any other tests? Sometimes, you have to be your own advocate. Write down all your symptoms and have specific questions about them. Hopefully, at your follow up appointment you will get some answers. Good luck. And please note that I am thinking about you and hope they find out what is going on.


Check with and without contrast ….that might help.


Check with and without contrast ….that might help.

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Yes, with and without contrast.
Please keep us posted. Many prayers.


My experience is that about 12-15 min is normal time for an MRI without contrast than add another 5-7 min for with contrast. The doctors would know better but I believe if you have signs and symptoms caused by a tumor it would normally be large enough to be visible in the MRI. I agree with others, ask any question you have with the doctors and we are praying for you.


My wife's brain cancer growth was about 2 months old and showed fine on an MRI with and without contrast.
She experienced several of the same items you mentioned.
Get another MRI with and without contrast and have it read by two (2) separate doctors.


My Journey with a Brain Tumor: Triumphs, Challenges, and a Quest for Hope

Hello, fellow members of the Mayo Clinic brain tumor forum,

I hope this message finds you all in good health and spirits. Today, I want to share my deeply personal and challenging journey with a brain tumor that has forever changed the course of my life. My intention is not only to shed light on my experiences but also to inspire a discussion on hope, resilience, and the power of the human spirit.

In 2018, I received the terrifying news that I had a brain tumor. The mere mention of the word "tumor" sent shivers down my spine, filling my mind with fear and uncertainty. The medical professionals recommended a biopsy to determine the nature of the tumor, whether it was cancerous or not. However, there was an alarming risk involved due to its location in my brain: the procedure could potentially result in paralysis or blindness. The weight of this decision became unbearable, and on the day of the scheduled biopsy, fear gripped me, forcing me to leave the hospital.

The consequences of my decision were significant. The doctors informed my family to prepare for the worst, convinced that I would not survive. Yet, against all odds, here I am today, sharing my story with you. It hasn't been an easy journey; my path has been strewn with obstacles and hardships. The complications I face daily are a constant reminder of the battle I continue to fight. My left side has become increasingly difficult to control, as if it has a mind of its own, moving at a rapid and unpredictable pace.

Throughout this ordeal, the support of my loved ones has been invaluable. They have stood by my side, offering unwavering encouragement and belief in my ability to overcome the impossible. But despite their unwavering support, I haven't sought medical assistance since that fateful day at the hospital. It seems as though the doctors have resigned themselves to the belief that my fate is sealed, that I am destined to succumb to this relentless condition.

Yet, here I am, driven by an unyielding determination to prove them wrong. I refuse to let this tumor define me, to limit my potential, or to dampen my spirit. I want to believe that there is always hope, that new medical advancements, breakthroughs, or even alternative therapies may hold the key to my recovery. I am reaching out to this forum, to all of you, in search of guidance, advice, and stories of triumph against all odds.

Have any of you encountered similar circumstances? Have you faced grave risks, made difficult decisions, or defied medical expectations? I implore you to share your experiences, insights, and any information that could offer a glimmer of hope. I believe that together we can create a powerful support system, a network of individuals who understand the struggles we face daily.

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Warm regards,
[Carson ]
We gotta think positive wishing you the best .

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