Medulloblastoma Brain Tumor

Posted by amyg23 @amyg23, Oct 29, 2016

27 year old with brain tumor medulloblastoma now i had surgery supposley the surgeron got it all out….. i had mri of spine an brain it showed white spots small tiny white spots grew only a little and i had 2 spinal taps came back negative …….could it be narcosis ?????

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Hi @amyg23,
I’m so glad that you found Mayo Clinic Connect; this must be so worrisome for you. @amyg23, perhaps you are wondering whether the white spots could be necrosis? Sometimes these spots can be scar tissue (necrosis), and it is not uncommon that scar tissue looks like tumor and acts like tumor, but your doctor would know best.

In the meantime, I’d like to connect you with members who might be able provide some insight based on their experience with brain tumors and necrosis. Please meet @audrapopp, @121861, and @carolina2501.

Have you undergone any radiation therapy, @amyg23? Are the white spots causing any symptoms?

no the white spots are not causing any symtoms at all!

yes had proton radiation for 6 weeks

i also had 2 spinal taps came back negative im gettin another spine mri wednesday

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