Brachial Plexus Injury

Posted by jewelcitrus @jewelcitrus, Jul 17, 2011

About 2 1/2 months ago I had a 3×3 foot section of drywall ceiling fall on me. I was diagnosed as having a concussion and soft tissue damage in my neck. When I saw my PCP he referred me to a Neurologist because he thought I might have nerve damage in my arm. I have had uncontrollable tremors in my shoulder and arm as well as tingling pain. For the past week my elbow has been in pain. The neurologist performed an EMG and NCS. I’m worried about what type of injury I might have and what will be done about it. I have not been told to limit my acivities in any way nor have I had any type of therapy as of yet. Any ideas on what I can expect?

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Have you been to a physical therapist for an evaluation? Even if your insurance doesn’t cover it, you should be able to get an eval if you direct pay. It should only be less than a couple hundred dollars. It’s been a long time since your injury. I wouldn’t wait any longer if it were me.


I have not been to see a physical therapist. I have Medi-Cal which is California’s health insurance. I would not be able to pay out of pocket for an evaluation.

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