After surgery, anyone have problems with the bra?

Posted by marcia115 @marcia115, Dec 20, 2022

After having surgery did anyone have trouble with the
bra, mine keeps slipping up, I wonder if it is to small. what ever
they put gauze in there and it keeps moving, when you take a shower
do you put it back in the bra? or is this just my problem?

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Your mastectomy bra should not slip up. Mine was too big as well and on my follow up they gave me a different size. My understanding is the bra is supposed to compress the tissue so you don't want it loose. I kept gauze/padding in the bra for a couple weeks.


There are businesses that specialize in bra fittings for mastectomy patients. They endure that the prosthetic fits properly and is the correct size if only one side surgery, which I had. Ask you surgeon about this.


they gave me a small, but when I took my shower I changed to my work out bra
which does not hurt that much, they should have given me a med.I think the work out
bra works just as well.

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