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bowel obstruction.

Posted by @lamar in Digestive Health, Apr 11, 2012

i know a person that just had a colonostopy done and all the results came back good. there was no signs of anything negative. now almost a month or less later they are in the hospital for bowel obstruction. would that occur as a result from this? why would this not be visible at the time? ??...let me know.


Posted by @justjane, Apr 20, 2012

I have suffered with several small bowel obstructions during the past 15 years, the first was a twisted intestine, and since then scar tissue from that surgey may be the cause of others; however, no doctor has been able to pinpoint why I had the first blockage that started my chain of events. I am told I have a "messed up gut." I have had several colonoscopy's and have not experienced an obstruction following it. I would think there might be a chance that the procedure "ignited" a flame, so to speak, but not directly caused the obstruction in your friend. But since no one can tell me what causes mine, I find myself trying to "blame" it on one thing, but can't. I am sorry for your friend as I know the pain of obstructions. I hope he or she is better now and tell them eat no popcorn ever!

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