Botox for swallowing and voice problems

Posted by tigercat1268 @tigercat1268, May 1, 2023

I've been having botox injections for the last year and have hasn't helped.What would be the next step.My Dr.wants me to come in.Food gets stuck and pills feels like i'm chocking.Any ideas.Thanja

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Have you talked to your doctor about the possibility of you having LPR (also known as respiratory reflux or silent reflux)? This condition would be diagnosed by an ENT doing a TNE (trans nasal scoping). Some people don't know they have acid reflux and the acid and pepsin (digestive enzyme) can wreak havoc on the throat, sinuses and ears. You could look at the web site A lot of people who have trouble swallowing have reflux, and need to have the esophagus stretched. Good luck!


Try Sildenefil!! Viagra’s generic name. I absolutely swear by it. I’ve had the injections and I’ve tried Diltiazem & Tadalafil (generic Cialis), and the Botox shots and the 50 mg Sildenafil twice a day has done wonders for me being able to swallow!


I was diagnosed by my gastroenterologist with having esophageal spasms. Another doctor at Stanford university thinks I have achalasia and will have another manometry and Endoscopy in September to figure out which one it is.

I stumbled upon sildenafil just by dumb luck when my PA gave me a prescription for it. I took it one evening as directed for time with my wife. Low and behold an hour later, I was able to eat and drink everything without any problems. I had a lot of trouble swallowing liquids, solids pills & everything & anything else! My voice gets labored also when I don’t take it as prescribed. I really have to force the air. It seems just a talk in my voice gets very hoarse. It’s been a real game changer in my life now.
Achalasia is hard to diagnosed & SOOO easy to misdiagnose.
I tried generic Cialis, but it didn’t do what the Sildenefil does. I take 50 mg twice a day now and it really has done wonders for my throat.
The tests used on me to diagnose what my issue may be, were a barium, swallow, test, Endoscopy, and the manometry.

I wish you the best.

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