What's your experience: Boston Scientific Spinal Cord Simulator?

Posted by kenc @kenc, Mar 30, 2022

Having continuing post operation pain in the area where my anus was, which was removed resulting from colitis. After multiple medications and consults w/ several pain specialists a neurosurgeon recommended a Boston Scientific Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS). I am reluctant to undergo anymore surgeries and pain mgt. failures until I find out some firsthand experience from people with an SCS, preferably the one offered by Boston Scientific. Would appreciate very much any experiences or advice on the apparatus.

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@baq315a @donw200 @steeldove @tigreyes2004 @cordy @samcphie @martyk might have personal first-hand experiences to share with you.

Ken, what has led you to consider this brand over another?


Thank you for the links. They will be very helpful in my research on the matter. The neurosurgeon recommended the Boston Scientific model.


Hi! I just had a Boston Scientific implant done on the 14th of March. The temporary implant was incredible !

I did my homework on about five different implants. It was a “no brained”…Boston Scientific was the one for me. The only issue I’m running into is something is causing mine to turn off at this moment. It happens only at home. Our home butts up to an 87 acre solar farm. When I leave the house there are absolutely no problems. I spoke with a gal that had their implant and she’s running marathons and raises llamas. She’s in her early 70’s. I’m up there, too. I am able to walk , drive and ride with mine but I’m still in the no “BLT” time frame. (No bending, lifting or twisting. Not supposed to raise my arms over my head.) It takes about 9 months for the scar tissue to fuse around the wire to hold them permanently in place. Would I do it again? YOU BET!

The company sent me information about the implant and answered my questions. The rep has been extremely helpful. My physician is very familiar with it. Again, I was able to choose the implant based on my homework and advice of my physician.

I can get an MRI with mine. Not so with the other ones. My battery pack is in my flank under the right ribs. My unit is rechargeable and at this moment it’s on my back recharging for the first time.

Do your homework. Call the companies your doctor has recommended.


I have a Boston Scientific wavewriter Alpha & it takes 50% of chronic pain but it will not help with severe spasms if you have those.My experience with having it.Good luck on whatever you decide.

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