Born with or slow growing aneurysm?

Posted by pacemaker1000 @pacemaker1000, Apr 5 8:57am

Having had my SVT hopefully fixed with an ablation I have another worry.
I have an aortic Aneurysm which I have known about for 13 years and possibly life. Fortunately it has hardly increased over the the 13 years it’s been monitored. Apparently normal is up to 3cm and mine is currently 4.7. Dr says it hasn’t altered although my records show it originally at 4.4cm. Don’t know how accurate measurements are? Are there certain tolerances to allow him to say it’s the same?
Currently no treatment needed but will be monitored until it reaches 5cm + before requiring any intervention.
Still worrying when googling about it bursting and having to have open heart surgery

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Just my opinion from my experience and questions. Either way (if it bursts or it dissects) you are looking at an open heart surgery to repair. Both in an emergency situation are life threatening. Ask more questions and get another opinion. I had my 4cm aneurysm for two years and then it dissected. I had no pain, no warnings except I felt "funny and was sweating. I laid for 15 hours before the ER realized what was happening and sent me to Mayo for emergency surgery. Doing a repair is much more successful than waiting for an emergency. The problem is know when it is time to do the elective surgery. Best wishes to you. Keep on it!


I have a 4 cm torn aortic aneurism an I went to hospital “A” for a different issue and the CT scan showed my aneurysm was a 4cm and had a tear in the area of my abdominal area.
The cardiovascular surgeon sent me to a trauma hospital for emergency surgery. Hospital “B” said “you’re going to have to come back to the hospital but since it wasn’t bleeding at the time they felt I was stable enough to be discharged. I was told to contact my cardiovascular surgeon asap.
I did the next day and he seemed annoyed and in a rush so on his way out I asked if it could burst. ( witch is normally fatal. He said it could. That was it. He said “see you next year”. Should I get a second opinion?
I failed to add that I’m on a blood thinner and could bleed out quickly.

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