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Borderline personality disorder

Posted by @karmen in Mental Health, Feb 26, 2012

hi, i'm a 23 yr old female worried about having some sort of personality disorder( borderline). I've read a lot about it and seem to have most of the symptoms. I'm currently going through a few example depression and thoughts of hurting myself. I havn't mentioned it to anyone because where i'm from, these things are immediately seen as madness and one could be locked up in a mental insitution immediately without proper care. I need to know for sure if i'm really suffering from the disease or not and what i can do about it.

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Posted by @lawman82, Feb 27, 2012

My wife has BPD. The fact that you are even willing to consider that you have it is significant, as most people with it supposedly won't.

I'm not an expert nor a professional on the topic. But I obviously have experience with my wife. I've also read several books and articles on the topic, and I have some experience talking with a psychologist about it. Probably the best advice I can give you is to try and find a mental health provider with experience treating BPD. Since it sounds like you may be from a smaller community, you may want to search for one in a different city. Larger cities are more likely to have someone with more experience as well. Counseling has been found to be very effective. They may also prescribe medication to help with the depression.

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Posted by @karmen, Feb 27, 2012

Thanx a lot. Its quite comforting to know i have people who understand this. I'll keep researching to find a psychotherapist in my country ( found only one so far). I'll at least have to be sure if i have the disease. I'll still appreciate any more information you can give.


Posted by @roxie43, Mar 6, 2012

Make an appointment to be assessed and properly diagnosed. Its not good to self diagnose and its even worse not to get help.
Please, don't be afraid of getting the help you need because your own well being and safety are important to me.
Please take care and don't let fear get in the way of dealing with what has you feeling the ray you describe ...
kindly Rox


Posted by @gottabbetter, Jun 19, 2012

Don't know if you still get replies... I just joined. Hang in there. I was just diagnosed with BPD. I was actually happy to finally have a name for my "monster". For about 15 years I just figured that this was what life was like for a girl. Ups and downs all the time! For 10 years now I was under the general label of depression and taking antidepression meds which work about 75% of the time. Recently I started seeing a new psychologist and in my ramblings she said I was a text book definition. After looking it up, I had to agree! Now my next step is getting into a psychiatrist to change my medication to a mood stabilizer which she said will be much better. She said the grass will be greener and those things that really weigh on me will just slide off. I hope she's right. I'm in a down mood now and can hardly stand it. You are so not alone! Hang in there - I am. : )

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