Bone & Muscle Conditions

Posted by ksconcrete @ksconcrete, Dec 5, 2011

My friend (female) has had a pain on her shoulder (left) around the shoulder blade for 3 week. Her doctor told her that she has a pinced nerve and ordered physical therapy. She started physical therapy 2 weeks ago and has had no relief. The other night she called me and said she had tightness around her chest under her breast that felt like a tight rubber band with the pain radiating down her arm, and she also had heartburn earlier. I took her to the emergency room, they did blood tests and electrocardiograms and told her that the heart test were all normal. She is still experiencing the same back pain, the tigtness around her chest comes at night. She cannot stand and walk without experiencing a lot of pain and cannot stand very long. Has anyone experienced these symptons or have any ideas?

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