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Bone cancer amputation

Posted by @annagrace, Apr 22, 2012

Hi everyone,

I’m here looking for advice, or for people who have gone through similar experiences and can offer insight.

In a nutshell this is my families situation;

A few years ago my older brother, Matt, was diagnosed with bone cancer in his shin. After several rounds of treatment and surgery he was declared healthy. The cancer returned in September 2011 and despite another limb-saving surgery and countless rounds of chemo the cancer has not responded as it did last time. Amputation of the lower leg has been brought up and in the last few weeks more and more this seems to be our last hope to beat it once and for all.

Does anyone have any experience with this, as a survivor of amputation, or as a caretaker? How life will change immediately after surgery? How hard will rehabilitation be? How hard is it getting used to prosthetics? How does a family help a loved one over come the depression and loss thats associated with losing a limb? Will he struggle with a sense of loss or depression for the rest of his life?Matt has alway been an incredible athlete and it’s increasingly difficult to talk to him about how his life will change after this surgery. I was also wondering to what extent is this surgery going to change for him in the future, once he’s past the biggest hurdles?

The doctors have been really good at providing my family with information but it’s never the same advice or information from people’s first hand experiences.

Thanks for any help,


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