How much should you weigh before they’ll do chemo?

Posted by lrado12 @lrado12, Sep 18, 2022

I think I have colo/rectal cancer. I won’t know until Tuesday. I only weigh 110. How much should you weigh before they’ll do chemo? I’m 5’5. I’m pre-diabetic. I can’t eat sugar and high carb that would put pounds on me. Although it could be the cancer. Thank you

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@lrado12, to answer your question, all your medical factors will be considered before chemo: age, weight, pre-existing conditions, medical history and more. But, it sounds like you are worry about things before you need to.

You don't have a diagnosis yet and you may a) not have cancer and b) if you do, you might not need chemo. Not everyone needs chemo with colorectal cancer.

What questions do you have as you prepare for your appointment on Tuesday? Who is your appointment with? A surgeon?


@lrado12, I wanted to check in with you. How are you doing?


A lot of your questions are putting the cart before the horse. But it’s always great to be informed. I hope you don’t have cancer and don’t need chemo but to give you some hard facts here goes:

- carbs are good for you. Just the healthy ones. I eat lots of good carbs and have blood sugar issues and good carbs are good no matter what trend setters say.
- frequent small meals are your friend
- I am petite and have cancer and chemo
- I weighed 91lbs in June during the worst of it. I’m at 102 now. For the record I am usually about 105 and am 5 ft 2 but very active and small boned (I was 3 lbs when born and a lifelong small lady). I don’t own a scale so only know when at the hospital.
- zofran is your friend. It helps with nausea (should you ever get chemo or an obstruction).
- don’t worry. Learn and enjoy each days.
- be kind to yourself. Good luck and if you do have colon cancer it’s treatable and curable.
- I am back on avastin and managing and life is good.

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