"Bobble Head'

Posted by allwheeldrive @allwheeldrive, Dec 16, 2022

This is how I describe an unsettling sensation I experience that involves my head feeling too heavy for my body to support. It is like my head is attached to my neck by a spring. My arms also feel to heavy to be supported and I often either raise my hands and clasp them over my head or tuck my thumbs into belt loops to reduce the strain on my shoulder and neck muscles. I think it is the trapezius muscle that feels weak.Is this part of PN? When I awake feeling this way, I am quite unstable – neck exercises help. Anyone else experience this?

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When I am walking my head feels too heavy. For me, it's part of my back issues and forward leaning posture which may be due to camptocormia which I think I might have but it hasn't been diagnosed. I also have idiopathic small fiber PN but think the head heavy is more related to conditions other than PN but I really don't know. Here's an article that may give you some ideas:

— Why does my head feel heavy?
If exercises help, I definitely would focus on doing more of them. That's what I'm focusing on for my back and posture issues.

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