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Blotches of rashes nausea itchiness what is this?!?!

Posted by @stomachtroubleneedhelp, Aug 4, 2012

I started feeling nauseas around 6:00 pm this afternoon it got from mild to a little severe and then mild off and on all evening I had some Chinese food for dinner thinking food would help since I had nothing but a sandwich for breakfast,while in the Chinese place I got bit by a mosquito about a Hour later my nausea worsened feeling like Im about to throw up ( which I can’t stand at all) and I started getting itchy these blotches of rashes started appearing one on each arm and a small one on my chest it looks like its trying to spread and I’m itchy even in my vagina area,is this a normal reaction to a mosquito bite or something serious?? Anyone had this before?



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Posted by @piglit, Aug 4, 2012

sounds like youv’e had a reaction to the bite Maybe if it worsens get it checked out by a dr. Take care piglit


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Posted by @mcd, Aug 29, 2012

Sounds like there are 2 things going on. First possible stomach bug but when you add the mosquito bite in factor …you are likely reacting to the bite and being you didn’t feel well initally your resistance is low and causing more problems. Drink plenty of fluids slowly.. if you drink to fast on a upset stomach you will vomit… but at the same time you dont want to dehydrate either… then call your MD. they may suggest benadryl for a poss. allergic reaction or if there is swelling, redness and pain thats not relieved by benedryl you may need a deckadron IM injection (Steroid) followed by an antibiotic… Good luck

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