Blood Thinners and Inflamation Medicine Options

Posted by cece55 @cece55, Tue, Feb 12 6:26pm

Hello Group,

I have AFib and am presently on Metoporal and 5MG Eliquis twice a day. Per my doctor and my pharmacist, I understand that I cannot take Advil or like medicines. What is left to take when you are in pain and have inflammation? Tylenol works very minimally for me and does not work at all on inflammation problems. Any advice?

Thank You…CeCe55

Hello, @cece55. I'm sorry to hear of your latest complication — pain and inflammation — to go with your Afib and Apnea. Like you, I was diagnosed with Afib four years ago, and I have been on a beta blocker (Carvedilol) and an anticoagulant (Coumadin). The main difference for me is that I do not feel irregular heart beats; they only show up on my electrocardiograms. But my Afib is definitely real — I had a small stroke last summer, apparently from a blood clot that formed in my heart from Afib slowing the blood flow through my Atrium. I too am restricted from taking Advil or other NSAIDs, because of their adverse interaction with my main medications. Can you share what kinds of pains you're dealing with and where inflammation is causing you severe discomfort. When I have similar problems, my personal care physician either gives me treatment for them or refers me to a specialist. Has your medical team offered you advice on what to do to alleviate the pain and to redress your inflammation?


I'm on the same–metoprolol tartrate & Eliquis–and I have the same issue. I used to rely on Aleve because Tylenol never did the job. Basically, I've learned to live with the pain or to address it in other ways. For example, I had lots of low back pain, which I've been able to address (mostly) with therapy and exercise. Occasionally, I do take a Motrin or two, but I try to avoid that. And I haven't given up on Tylenol, meaning I'll try that first. You might ask your doctor about Tramadol, which is something like an opiod but not as dangerous or addictive, and not a blood thinner.

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