Blood in urine

Posted by kayss @kayss, Jan 3, 2019

I have had microscopic hematuria for at least 2 years. I have had many tests. I had ultrasounds and cytology. All good. A year and half ago I had CT with and without contrast. Results were:
1. Three nonobstructing right renal calculi. Largest is within the lower
pole up to 3-4 mm.
2. Singular upper pole left renal stone measuring 2 mm. No ureteral or
bladder calculi.
3. Simple cyst lower pole right kidney. Kidneys are otherwise
4. Good opacification of the ureters and bladder. No filling defects or
evidence for any irregularity.

I had Cystourethroscopy which was fine.

In October I had pink urine once and yesterday I had it again. Otherwise all is good. Any advice? I am a 69 year old female.

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Good morning @kayss. Welcome to Mayo Connect. I don't know whether my experience could be helpful to you and your hematuria problem, so I'll refer two of my postings on the problem earlier this year for your review. One occurs here: The other is at In both instances, please scroll down to find my postings (stopping along the way if you find somebody else's input of interest). I hope you'll find reason to join me among those with the problem who are not particularly concerned or fearful.

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