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Blood Disorders (Neutropenia)

I am a healthy 34 yr old woman, and have been suffering from chronic leukopenia and neutropenia for the past 3-4 yrs. I have been referred to numerous specialists, whom almost always refer me to Mayo Clinic after 4 appointments. All blood work shows neutrophils between 0.8-3.1 WBC, neutrophils are often low and lymphocytes high. Three penacillin-based antibiotic trials (7-11 days) demonstrated marked improvement of WBC to 4.7-5.4, but WBC was again low after 2 weeks post therapy. All tests are negative, with the exception of Brucellosis IGM positivity, yet Agglutination tests for brucella within normal range 1:40. Seeking a diagnosis. Please comment with ideas or any help.

Tags: Infectious Disease, womens health


Posted by @strongenough2011, Sep 19, 2011

Is this from your absolute neurtophiles or wbc? Some of my blood tests were off and the Dr at Mayo said that he wasn't concerned about them, only the ones that mattered. How do you feel? I am very tired ALL the time and bruise easliy.

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