Blood & Clots in Bladder

Posted by jacko @jacko, Jul 28, 2016

When we notice an older person that needs to have physical examinations, especially with blood / urine analyses and then, is actually spot bleeding from the private area .. discovers several small clots via the Urine cytology after being rushed into a hospital .. awaiting biopsy results … how frustrating can that be … talking about preventing problems and not doing something about them …

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Hi @jacko. Waiting for results or not knowing an exact diagnosis can be very frustrating, but I’d encourage you to stay strong. When did doctors say that you will have the results?


I’m sure you know, @jacko, how almost anybody dreads going to the ER where they acknowledge facing threats and wait for information and assurances. Like you, I came upon a friend in need of attention. He had fallen off a ladder in his garage and was bleeding from head wounds. He told me not to call 911, said he didn’t need ER treatment. I had to be firm and insistent; still it took 15 minutes for my pleas to change his mind and 15 more for the EMTs to arrive and whisk him off to the ER. Too late. Bleeding into his brain put him in a coma from which he never recovered.

Similarly, an older person with blood clots in their urine may need convincing, but what to advocate is not always clear. In your case, the person had treatment from a physician who administered a cystoscopy of the bladder and who apparently took a biopsy. From my personal experience, I know that blood clots in my urine stream are not necessarily hazardous. My urologist told me to get to the ER if “frank blood” — heavy blood — comes out in a steady stream, but not if my urine is discolored or with small blood clots. My situation arises from my prostate; my bladder is not producing clots. If your “older person” is a woman, the bladder is more likely involved, and a doctor’s exam is essential.

I hope my perspective is helpful to you in deciding how sternly to press your older person about getting to the doctor — or if necessary, to the ER.


I had a blood clot in my lung that lasted 8 months. I found out myself the first time about it by calling 911 emergency after extreme pain in my lung and pain that shot down my left arm like people mention when they have a heart attack.. After in hospital for 2 weeks got sent home. A few days later I called 911 again and back in the hospital,both times I almost had a heart attack because of 90% blockage on one side. It took 8 months on blood thinners for it to go away.

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