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Blocked heart artery

Posted by @grambets, Aug 18, 2012

After stress-echo test told after much hemming and hawing (probably because I’m asymtomatic and stayed on the treadmill a very long time with no problem) that I have a blocked artery. Can’t get any questions answered for a few weeks. Am slim, never had high blood pressure, always been a walker, have cholesterol under control (very high HDL) and eaten relatively well. What’s going on? Anybody else have similar experience?



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Posted by @raderdude, Oct 15, 2012

It could be a family thing. Jan. of this year I went into V Tach,I was shocked 3x times that day. I had an artery that was 95% blocked,and another that was a total blockage but had made its own bypass over time.
I knew I was about 25 lbs over weight,other than that I thought I was ok,never had high blood pressure or high cholesterol. I had a stress/echo test and before I could get the results I had my defribulator fire off 2x while on the treadmill jogging. Turns out I had another blocked artery,it went from 25% blocked to 95% blocked in 6 months.
My Dr fekt bad fro taking forever to view the test reults,had he sooner he would have found the blocked artery.
I think thats why he has me out of work still.
I would check your family history out.

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