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Blocked Carotid Aretry

Posted by @lesjohnson, May 22, 2012

I am a 56yr. old male. I was diagnosed with my right carotid artery being blocked 100% almost three years ago. My cardiologist suggested that surgery was not an option. I am wondering if anyone else suffers from this condition, and what is the long term diagnosis of this condition. Thanks for your reply.



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Posted by @justdave, Jul 31, 2012

Hey Les, JustDave here. My left carotid is 50% blocked as of last ultrasound. Next is scheduled for this August to check the status. I see a vascular surgeon and he said surgery was in order if the artery is 75% blocked (memory serve.) Surgery, endarterectomy, is the gold standard for occluded carodids. Strage your doc told you that. Do you have other medical problems that would preclude you from the surgery?

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