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Bloating and fatigue

Posted by @anon92968371, Nov 12, 2011

Hey there! Since June last year I have been in and out of the doctor. To catch you up to speed, I have had a CT can done, polyps on ovary ( I only have half of one from previous problems) and polyps on gallbladder. I had an ultrasound on my gallbladder and basically it just confirmed the ct scan.

My symptoms are vomiting, Neausea, extreme bloating ( look 8 m prego at times ), extreme fatigue. I at times feel anemic but blood tests say I’m not. I urinate alot, I get woken up about 3x a night…my bowel bothers me as well, it sometimes hurts so much after that I feel neausous and sleepy. I think sleep is my pain method…but it could be a symptom. The drs have tried many different medications and nothing seems to help.

They just recently did an endoscopy and took 6 biopsies, two days later they called me and I now see them in two days.

My history, the reason I have half an ovary is about 8 years ago I had an enlarged blood filled mass on my ovary so they took it, and the other or vary had so many cysts that they had to take half of it…so I understand.

I feel that this is all cyclic and told my dr that from my first visit over a year ago..they seem to be focused on my stomach however..

Anyone else have this combination of symptoms?



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Posted by @anon92968371, Nov 23, 2011

Just recently had an endoscopy done. He said right then that I had esophagitis – inflammation of the esophagus. 2 days later they called me into the office told me they couldn’t find the biopsy report, but his notes say i do have a hiatus hernia. OMG! He said call back in two days. Called back he said he would look at the report and call me if he needed to see me. Half he later he called me. I see him today and get the biopsy results.

Since this surgery tho I commit at least 2 times a day and have bad pains in my abdomen and on my left side by my ribs, my ribs feel bruised.

Is anyone else going through this?
I hope to god that they can tell me what is going on and fix it! I want to eat a meal and keep a meal. It gets frustrating cause the people closest to me see me vomitting as I’m driving or walking from one room to another just outta the blue! I’m canceling client appointments and everything. Effecting my life and my families too much.


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Posted by @anon92968371, Nov 24, 2011

H. pylori infection..3 different medications 2x a day. He told me that the Vommitting and bloating should lessen in about 10days! Here is hoping! Also being sent to a gyno now for my ovary!


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Posted by @marvelousme5, Dec 15, 2011

I think you may have diverticulitis. Do you have terrible pain in your left side? Do you have constipation also? Have the doctors ever performed a contrast CT scan on you when you were experiencing these symptoms? Have they ever performed a colonoscopy?
When I experience pain it feels like my ovary also. Also as another person stated you could H.Pylori.
My advice is to search this site for diverticulitis and for diverticulitis and H.Pylori. There are certain foods you need to avoid, such as nuts, seeds, popcorn, corn, and any food with a seed or a hull around it. You should also do a liquid diet when you are experiencing these symptoms if it is diverticulitis. Whenever you can eat again if you experience loss of appetite eat a high fiber diet and drink plenty of fluids. Avoid caffeine and alcohol.
I hope this advice helps. Please let me know and if you want I will give you my e-mail address and you can let me know what you find out.
I hope you feel better soon and believe me I know how you feel. I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday night and have a wonderful week!! Take care.



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