Posted by sunnygal121 @sunnygal121, Nov 4, 2016

I am a 36 year old female and 2 years ago had to have a complete hysterectomy due to some underlying medical conditions. Last year had to have surgery to remove a mass that covered my stomach and also removed my gallbladder. Since my surgery which was a year ago I have gained a lot of weight and decided I should start taking better care of myself. I have been eating great, getting exorcise, going to bed on time etc. No matter what I do I am having a severe problem with bloating and swollen stomach. I FEEL AND LOOK 6MO PREGO! It’s miserable!! My lower back has sharp pains and I am getting horrible headaches. I have been doing everything right and feel worse than ever! Any suggestions?

Hello sunnygal121, and welcome to Connect. Thank you for taking the time to share your frustrations with the feeling of bloating. Making positive life changes like eating better and exercising more are not always easy changes to make, so I understand why it must be frustrating to have made these changes that are not currently resulting in positive results.

I would like you to meet @saucy who has recently discussed issues with bloating, although from a different cause, and how a change in eating and diet helped relieve bloating and gas issues. I would also like you to meet @dawn_giacabazi who has also had her gallbladder removed and may be able to offer her thoughts on what you are experiencing. In addition, I would like to invite back @lorri, whose husband experienced stomach issues similar to yours and may be able to offer some insight.

@sunnygal121, do your back pains and headaches get worse when you are exercising or when you eat certain food types? Have you discussed your symptoms, lifestyle change, and frustrations with the physician who removed your gallbladder?


I am going to write since I experience the same problem of bloating but I learned to control it with diet. The source of the cause, in my uneducated opinion, is the liver. The liver must have been designed for the jungle and not restaurants or processed foods. The lower back pain, which I used to have, and headache could be coming from the liver. As I figured it out the liver loves vegetables specially raw vegetables. I am so impressed how quickly the liver responds to correct food is amazing. I’ve learned it the summer of 2015 but I had previous experience when my liver was cleaned by an Italian Doctor. My bloating in 1960 was completely gone including acid stomach and reflux and allergies. I was able to eat any food without any reaction for 3 years. It was a two weeks treatment. I can not convince the American Doctors about understanding the liver. Since do to my neck pain I discovered bread and sweets increased the pain and vegetables decreased the pain. I believe without understanding the molecular details the liver is in charge of putting out a lot of pain or producing a lot of health. What we eat is impacting such process. We heard to avoid 3 food types from people around us: sugar, flour, and salt. Sugar includes all carbohydrates also. I never knew the source of my pain and stomach acid to be bread. Ever since I changed my diet to vegetables with protein (fish, chicken, or meat) no bloating, no acid stomach and reflux, no diabetes, no lower back pain, no belly fat, no high blood pressure, excellent memory, and no arthritis pain in my body. I am not consuming any processed foods or drinks and avoiding carbohydrates. I am sure the pancreas have a lot to do with it too, but for me the boss is the liver. If you eat salami, hotdog, spicy foods, can foods, bread or flour products, and any peppers you will be bloating. But vegetables such as zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, asparagus, celery, and other vegetables will stop the bloating in couple of days. Any wrong food, and there are tons of them, will trigger bloating. I hope I was able to direct your diet to understand the source of the problem. Actually bloating and pain is a language your liver is producing for you to understand what you should eat. Also any alcohol is full of sugar avoid it. Good luck until the medical science will understand the workings of the liver. The people in general of Turkey, Italy, France, and Germany are aware of the liver and what to eat. We are not aware of our diets and health in general but a lot of people are into vegetarian diet and nutritionist are advising us of what to eat.


Hi @sunnygal121,

I’d like to add my welcome to Justin’s; it can be so frustrating to follow the right path, get the right treatment, and still have these symptoms.
I wonder if @mrsdeecee, @flip1949, @rdrdhap, @katemn, @travelgirl, and @lovelyladyxo, have any suggestions or advice for sunnygal?

@sunnygal121, have you spoken to an ob/gyn about the bloating, and lower back pain?

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