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bleeding nipples

Posted by @emmamie in Women's Health, May 29, 2012

I have a bloody discharge on one of my nipples. For the first few days it's like oozing with blood during my sleep. I had my tooth extraction two days before this happened & also we had intimate night with my husband. Is this normal functioning of the breast or it is a symptom of something dangerous? I am a post menupausal.

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Posted by @roxie43, May 29, 2012

Please get checked and let us know how things make out for you.

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Posted by @montanagal, May 31, 2012

Had surgery for this for duct removal. Get ultrasound. My mammo was ok but ultra showed black circle. Most cases this is beniign as mine was. Good luck


Posted by @cawscott, May 31, 2012

I had the same issue two years ago, at age 54. Mine was diagnosed as a growth in a milk duct and that duct was removed. This was found to be benign. Please get checked by a doctor soon... Take care!


Posted by @emmamie, May 31, 2012

Thank you so much for all your reply & info. I have still blood spots on & off on my bra. I am 49 yrs old. My husband & I are hard working couples without insurance. Our income is just enough to pay our monthly bills & taxes. I am still waiting & hoping for the financial evaluation if I am qualified for help to do the procedures.My husband feels bad that we can't afford insurance. I can't deny that I have fears of death or cancer but I have more fears of the financial expences. I wish I can just take antibiotics to cure it! Thanks again guys!

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