Bleeding and bruising with Teriparatide

Posted by doglover1962 @doglover1962, May 19 10:22am

I been on 2 pens so far and I had some bleeding and bruising 3x first pen, 2x on 2nd pen. I find that if I inject inner thigh, I don't bleed, only if I inject outer thigh. I bled once injecting lower abdomen but now avoid that area. So far, so good injecting the abdomen. I never had any training and was told to follow instructions and it says to inject thigh and stomach but not specifically where to inject. Looking online, says to inject outer side of thighs and 2 inches from belly button. Any suggestions to avoid future bleeding? I try to avoid an area where I see a vessel underneath the skin but sometimes it still doesn't work.

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If you continue to have issues with bleeding, you may want to contact prescribing doctor or pharmacist if you haven't already. Also, an office nurse may be able to give you injection training and/or review your injection technique. The teriparatide manufacturer might offer phone assistance or training too. (I know Forteo has patient phone support.)
Personally, it sounds like you have analyzed what's happening and are on the right path -- good job! The same thing also happened to me when I started on Forteo a year ago. Once I figured out I needed to avoid the veins on my thigh, the problem essentially disappeared (except for a time or two, when I didn't look carefully or was in a hurry and hit the vein). Experience makes the best teacher too. 🙂
Best wishes! And remember, you've got this!


Hello…I’ve been injecting Tymlos for almost 2 years and I’ve had occasional bleeding and bruising in my abdomen where I inject. Everyone’s body reacts differently to these meds…are you rotating your injection spots? There are certain areas of my abdomen that sting or bruise so I try to avoid those. The pamphlet that comes with my monthly doses has a diagram of where to inject. Your box should also come with injection instructions. Take ur time when injecting…if u get bleeding or bruising, avoid that area. This is a journey of learning what works and what doesn’t. Praying you will have a positive outcome. Rose 🌹


I bleed also when inject on thigh but not on abdomen


I bleed also when inject on thigh but not on abdomen

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Glad to hear I'm not the only one. Thanks for your response. 😊


I injected on my abdomen. I used a surgical pen and a ruler to mark out 6 dots (vertically) on each side. By each side, far away from the center but still in front. I would inject on one side of every other dot - say odds and then evens - until I had used both sides of all the dots and then would start over. It gave me 24 days before repeating a site. I only had bleeding one time.

The pattern could be:
left outside odd,
right outside odd
left inside odd
right inside odd
then the same pattern using the even number dots.

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