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Bladder cancer

Posted by @desertdweller in Kidney & Bladder, Aug 29, 2011

I need to talk with someone who has had it.

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Posted by @cmillikan, Sep 22, 2011

I too need to talk with someone who has had bladder cancer. Am scheduled for a biopsy September 26 with a chemo drug being placed inside the bladder afterwards.


Posted by @bobbyd, Sep 22, 2011

John, I am answering ur post. I, too, had bladder cancer 2 yrs ago and am doing fine. contact me if u wish.


Posted by @desertdweller, Sep 23, 2011

HI Bobby thanks for contacting me,I would like to know how they treated your bladder cancer,they want to remove my bladder,what did they do to you.


Posted by @jherby, Oct 10, 2011

I am interested in any info on bladder removal too, I was told this was the best way to deal with it. Wondering if it is a great burden to live with ?


Posted by @barbim816, Nov 20, 2011

I am here because my husband has bladder cancer new diagnosis July 2011. I need to know what I can do to help him through this. He has had 3 small tumors removed and they found a tumor in his ureter that we are waiting for biopsy report.


Posted by @bkatie, May 25, 2012

my mother had bladder cancer last year, she had chemo and was in the all clear then the cancer came back 3 months later. now the doctors want to remove her bladder. she is 68 and has always been healthy and fit till last year. Any advice? any woman out there that have had their bladder removed? or me? I feel so depressed for my mom. thank you.


Posted by @pammie, Jun 24, 2012

Bkatie, I was diagnosed with bladder cancer around the same time as your mom. I hope you have found some answers to your ?'s. I thought I had decided what to do and which surgery, but now I am totally unsure again. I would like to know what your mother decided and if she has been happy with the decision?

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