Black Circle in my eye

Posted by paulimel87 @paulimel87, Apr 24, 2018

when i look at the key board it is at least 2 inches and when i look at the computer screen it is about the size of a silver dollar and it is to the left of my right eye vision. . anything in the circle or shadow is blurry. the circle is like a shadow. when i close my eye it floats right to left and going up. when i look at the ground it looks like the ground is moving and its like a little hill.

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@paulimel87 Welcome to Mayo Clinic connect. I am recommending you see a Dr as soon as you can. It can be a number of things. You really do not want to wait when it comes to eye issues. Please keep us posted as to what the outcome is?


Hello @paulimel87. Were you able to get an appointment and be seen for your eye?


Hi there Paulime, I’m sorry to hear hear about your eye issues. I’d like to ask a couple questions if you don’t mind. Do you literally see a black circle when you look at your eyes in a mirror or is your central vision black, for instance if you look straight ahead are things black or blurred? Can you see better if you look to the sides or straight ahead? Do you see an Opthomologist? Hope to talk to you soon.

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