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Bipolar, asthmatic, ADD...not great in understanding Dad

Posted by @lain59 in About Kids & Teens, Oct 14, 2012

My sons, 12 and 15 both have these. My eldest has been sexually assaulted twice! They are wonderful and sweet.
My husband took my youngest off his meds without me knowing. He suffered a complete psychotic breakdown a few months ago. He is just realizing who he was. He is afraid of everything now. Especially of another breakdown. He cannot sleep without my other son and me. However, his psychologist insisted they sleep in their own rooms. He is having terrible nightmares. He has changed so much. He lost his confidence. He is no longer organized, has low self esteem, freaks at chores (he over thinks) has migraines...
It is hard.

Tags: mental health, sleep problems


Posted by @jaydedlayde, Oct 24, 2012

Whoa! That's a lot going on, honey! Ok. First, take a deeeep breath. Now...exhale. There. 🙂 Ask your little guy where, in your home, he would feel the safest and be most comfortable for the three of you to talk. Don't listen to 'anyone' else about how to make him feel safe except for him. If that means he feels he needs to be in his room, with the two of you, with the door closed, and he says that he has to be under his bed with a blanket over his head, a teddy bear in one hand, and a plastic purple magic wand in the other and show tunes playing in the background, make it happen. It doesn't matter what anyone, except the terrified one, thinks about how crazy their safety net sounds. He needs to feel safe so he can start to trust. He needs to feel safe 'and' trust someone before they can help. So...make him feel safe. Let him relax. Let him know that you want to help but you don't know how and ask if he'll help you make a list of what he needs so that you can all work together to fix things. Make a list of safe things. Make a list of things that scare him. Take baby steps. Don't 'force' him, but do 'gently push' him. For the sleeping and nightmares, let him sleep where he feels safe. Play gentle music or sounds all night. Every night, have him create a scene in his head of someplace he feels safe. He starts out with just one thing and adds another to it. Let him know there is no right or wrong thing to add, that it's completely up to his imagination and he can change, arrange, and rearrange however he wants. It gives him something peaceful to concentrate on as he falls asleep and he should sleep better. If you want/need some ideas, let me know. Start working with those lists. See if there are ways for him to do, or try to do, scary things while he's in a safe mode/spot. Well...there's a start at least. You can do it! Good luck! Keep me updated! I'm here if you need to talk.


Posted by @lain59, Oct 24, 2012

Boy have I screwed up! I lost the food budget for two weeks! I screwed up our bank account too. Split punch all over...anyhow, if I can pass school, this spring the second living room will be the kids bedroom and study. They love the idea! Tris woke up screaming last night. He dreamt he lost us for five days and we he came home and found us it had actually been five years and we did not know him. However, I was really glad that his mind is healing. For once, he recalled the nice side of the dream. So, his empty cup thinking is changing.
His psychologist dumped him right in front of him. She had other 'kiddos' she said. Tristan, who never cries, cried and begged saying she was his only friend. She nearly pushed us out the door.


Posted by @lain59, Nov 1, 2012

Raided the lamictal. He has been freaking out and has no control over himself against his will.


Posted by @lain59, Dec 16, 2012

He is getting better!!

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