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Posted by @dulcecoco in Mental Health, May 30, 2012

my husband of 28 years is driving me crazy his moods are like being in a rolocoster ride up and down he is constanly changing from love you to dislike you he has turn meaner by the day you could see how unhappy he is with his life everything i said hesee it as a critisism i am so afraid of what i said around him my kids age 12 to 23 want me to help him so we are going to family theraphy it doesnot help went we come out he is angrier than when we go in he has all the symptons but dont want medication iam losing my mind dont know how to help him help plasee

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Posted by @piglit, May 30, 2012

Hi Welcome. Sorry that your'e having problems with your husband. May i ask if this has been going on for a while or just recently. Sometimes mood changes can be through stress related issues, health problems, depression etc. Unless he is willing to be helped there's not much anyone can do, sometimes if a person is in denial with the issues at hand they may refuse help. It may be good for you to go and talk to your family dr, someone that you feel okay to talk to and mention to them the problems that you are having. Take care we have a great support group here and I/other members are more than willing to help if we can. Piglit


Posted by @china, May 30, 2012

Hey tell him how u feel. Where I am from the kid's will b taken cause that is not good. Tell him help or leave. Not faith 2 u or kid's. May god bless u.


Posted by @lizkat, Jun 1, 2012

sorry you having so much trouble. Piglit is right, you have yo lay down the bottom line and hold him accountable for his own illness.

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