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Bile Reflux

Posted by @johnmounfield in Digestive Health, Dec 16, 2011

I have been struggling with a condition for approx 3 months now. The doctors do not seem to be able to diagnose as yet but my symptems seem very much related to bile reflux. Approx every 2 weeks i become to feel nausuas and begin small volumes of vomitting, this increases to large volumes after a couple of days. The acid is just awful and burns my chest and esophagous. After approx 5 days the vomitting subsides. I have to go to the hospital for IV as my body is dehydrated and it loses 15 - 20lbs.
I am taking Nexium twice per day and Cholestramine 4mg pouch once per day.
Im trying to control my diet with zero fat.

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