Bilateral breast cancer with lymph nodes removed/how are you treated?

Posted by sandyjr @sandyjr, Jun 2, 2019

I have had bilateral breast cancer with lymph nodes removed on both sides. I am scared to death of getting lymphedema. Has anyone found a treatment center that caters to us. I have repeatedly asked for IVs, BPs and blood draws to be done in other parts of my body and just get blank stares and they go ahead and use an arm or hand. I am so discouraged that no one seems to be interested in helping me not get lymphedema. Why is this not routinely part of my treatment….getting this stuff done in other body parts? Cancer centers that do not offer this are just oxymorons. Do they really care about the best care for people like me. So far, it does not seem so. I would like to hear how many people are being treated properly and how many, like me, are just a number and $$$$$$$.

I had a no-lateral mastectomy 4 years ago. Breast cancer in 1 breast and 3 lymnodes. All nodes on 1 side removed. I get myofascial massages on scars and arm area. It has really seemed to help. I do have a sleeve and if I feel any swelling I put it on. I think with everything else we seem to worry. Hopefully if you get a sleeve and be aware of over use of arm you won’t have problems

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