Best assistive hearing technology for workplace

Posted by mishmish8 @mishmish8, Jun 8 8:55am

I'm applying for accomodations so that I can fund live transcription for meetings, large group settings. Looking for high quality options. I've heard of Otter, and I'm wondering what folks know about Rev because apparently that's been used by others at my work. Any experience and advice about live transcription or any other assistive technology is appreciated. I have bilateral moderate to severe loss and wear hearing aids

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@mishmish8, great question. I wonder if responses differ for the workplace than answers provided in this related discussion started by @julieo4
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@mishmish8 I'm unfamilar with Rev. Otter and Live Transcribe both work well for Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR). If funding is available, the best possible type of captioning is CART (Computer Assisted Realtime Translation), which is done by a stenographer. A good stenographer can do this verbatim. Verbatim doesn't happen with the apps mentioned above. They misunderstand accents, unusual words, etc.

There is some information at this link: that might be helpful to you.

Another excellent means of providing access is with assistive technology that sends the desired speech signal directly to your hearing aids. That would include hearing loops, FM technology and infrared technology. There are BlueTooth microphones that can be worn by a speaker that will send speech directly to your hearing aids too. A lot depends on what your hearing aids are equipped with. Telecoils are a must for Loops, FM and IR.

You'll find more information on the HLAA website; about legal entitlements in the workplace.

Do you have telephone access that works for you?

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