benzo withdrawal

Posted by frostie @frostie, Jun 11, 2018

Almost three years off benzo and still can’t sleep. I’m thinking this damage could be permanent, any ideas?

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I've been taking Klonopin for 12 years, at 1mg at bedtime, with a second one as needed. I almost never take a second one. I tried to taper off it a couple of years ago, but I couldn't sleep just reducing it to .75mg. I finally gave up and went back up.

What was your dosage? Have you tried other sleep aids that are less addictive? I hope your doctor will be able to work with you on this.



What damage are you referring to if I may ask?


Two-related studies are presented here, detailing our early experience with benzodiazepine-dependent patients treated with a four-day flumazenil infusion using a novel delivery technique. Patients with long-term benzodiazepine dependence who attended the Australian Medical Procedures Research Foundation (AMPRF, Perth, Australia) for treatment were recruited for these studies. Self-reported psychological and physical symptoms, as well as objective vital signs data were collected at intervals before, during and 2 weeks postinfusion. Study A is a case series with cardiovascular measures; study B is an open trial that tracks the psychological profiles of 13 subjects. Withdrawal symptoms were tracked, however, the nature and severity of these symptoms differed between patients. No major complications or discomfort prompting study dropout was observed. Significant benzodiazepine abstinence occurred with this flumazenil infusion method despite high levels of initial dependence, comorbid substance use and comorbid psychiatric illness. Low-dose flumazenil infusion appears to be a safe and effective treatment resulting in withdrawal symptoms of lesser severity than any other cessation method currently available. Recommendations for future research are discussed.

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