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Bell's Palsy

Posted by @golightly, Aug 26, 2011

I was just diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy and want to discuss it with someone that has or had had it. I want infor on extent of your resovery (or if any at all), what treatments did you try or use, are there alternative suggesitons I can try. if you still have symptoms, did it get ANY better? I really just want to talk to someone on the reveiving end of this disease rather that the diagnosis side. The purpose of the discussions I think.
Please feel free to openly discuss any part of this you wish.
Thank you very much!
David Golightly



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Posted by @meme, Sep 10, 2011

David, my husband had it several years ago. He was treated within 12 hours of developing it. He had an IV put in and some medication injected slowly. He started to recover within two weeks and kept getting better and better. Now he has only some numbness in his cheek. That is probably permanent. Make sure you take care of your eyes. Put eye goop in them before you sleep and tape them shut. During the day, constantly put eyedrops in them so they don’t dry out. Thicker drops are better than thin ones. Don’t use any for redness, etc. unless your doctor says to. You want to keep them moist, not treat them for anything. Good luck! I hope you have a quick and full recovery!


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Posted by @shanhay, Nov 7, 2011

Have you been tested for Lyme Disease?


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Posted by @cclk, Mar 7, 2012

what is your condition now?

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