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Bells Palsy, nerve didease

Posted by @bells, Aug 7, 2011

Anybody out there have Bells Palsy and how long have you had it ? I just came down with four days ago. Right side of face is affected. Eye is droopy and mouth is not working but i still have taste.



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Posted by @cclk, Mar 7, 2012

you still have it? besides the first two weeks – what treatments have you used?


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Posted by @tommipm, Apr 4, 2012

had bp in 2007, right side of face only. In 2011 got it on both sides of faces. Still having trouble with left eye and mouth. Have been doing acupuncture and B12, massaging and various things that are recommended. neurologist said worse case he has seen doesn’t know when and if I will ever get rid of it. Have had it now ten months.

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