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Being a care giver

Posted by @harriette, Jan 12, 2012

How do I deal with thais.



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Posted by @kathryn04, Apr 5, 2012

Join a support group- take time for yourself, see a therapist and remember that the person your caring for isnt themself! I do know how difficult it is for I too am a caregiver to my husband of 22 years..who up until a year and a half ago was a healthy, vibrant, awesome indivdiual. Now half the time I have no idea who is living in my house with me. He is so totally diffierent and some of the things he does just drives me crazy…but throufh support from friends, family and groups, plus me having my own thereapist ( and meds for depression) has helped a lot. I never thought I would have to seek outside help for I though I could handle it but I was wrong. It is a lot to deal with ( espcailly if children are in the picture). Most importantly, take care of yourself and realize that the person who is doing the things they are cant help it!

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