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Being a care giver to my husband

Posted by @harriette, Jan 12, 2012

Help in dealing with this

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Posted by @surelyurz08, Jan 12, 2012

is he 100% dependent on you?


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Posted by @sweetsaur, Jan 15, 2012

I think you need therapy. It really helps to get rid of the emotions and pain you are going through yourself. I talked out a lot of issues when I became a caregiver for both parents. My daughter also needs a lot of help. Get help both for yourself and to take care of him. There are plenty of info out there. I think there is even a caregivers website.


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Posted by @bevtar98, Jan 23, 2012

My husband had a spinal cord injury 10 years ago. Fortunately, he regained the ability to walk. However, he suffers from severe pain. As a result, he is very short- tempered. I would suggest that you take care of yourself and periodically take some time off. I do the best I can and try not to get stressed. Best of luck, there are many others in your position


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Posted by @margareto, Mar 30, 2012

You have my empathy and I do hope and pray you reach out to support groups. There are many groups out there to help you copy. God Bless you and try to stay well yourself. Caretaking can be high anxiety but you must take care of you, at least try. It is easy for me to say so — I am not in you position right now but have been in the past with many illnesses in my own family. I was much younger then so I think stronger, i.e. emotionally and mentally and physically. take care. Love and best wishes

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