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Bed Sores

Posted by @sonny107 in Skin Health, Mar 25, 2012

My brother has been hospitalized for seven months and was never told by the rehab that he had a bed sore. About a month ago when he went into another hospital I was told he arrived there with a stage 3 bed sore . Now a month later he's back in the regular hospital again and the bed sore is a 4. The rehab seems very anxious not to have him return there and suggests I send them to a LT Care Facility near me.They sem awfully worried. What should I do, my brother had a stroke and I am the only one taking care of him.

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Posted by @roxie43, Mar 25, 2012

The fact that he had sores would concern me. People can't be in beds for months without being moved to assure good circulation. I would not send my loved back there. It does not sound like quality care.
There are some really nice LTC facilities just do a little research and get references if at all possible.
I hope you are also taking good care of yourself because being a primary caretaker can be stressful.
God bless

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