beard and moustache is less

Posted by user_ch031a490 @user_ch031a490, Jul 28, 2016

20 year old man,has less beard and moustache hair,his pubertal status is normal &.no evidence of hypogonadism.

is there any way to improve hair growth in beard and moustache?
thank you

Hi @user_ch031a490, I moved your message to the Men’s Health group. I’m tagging @v1crew @Frank720 @predicatable on this discussion to see if they have any information to contribute.

Is the hair growth normal elsewhere?


only thing I can suggest is propecia and rogaine along with biotin and vitamin b. Mine fell out everywhere else and then after 3 yrs started growing back unevenly, I suspect it is caused by volatile hormonal fluctuations associated with ESLD,

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