Be very careful and get TESTS!

Posted by formom @formom, Jan 20 12:44am

My mother was diagnosed with cervical cancer 2017, did chemotherapy, radiation, radical hysterectomy..8/29/2019 got the “All clear “. Less than a month later, she was told cancer came back at stage 3 (9/21/2019), 2 stents in her ureters goring to kidneys. Less then 3 months, she passed. I (daughter of patient, ) took her to the Mayo emergency room Thursday 12/05/2019, my mom was in severe pain in her leg. The only test that was done, a hand on her leg, the doctor stated she had blood circulation due to it feeling warm and sent her home. Saturday morning (12/07/2019) I had 10 minutes to decide to amputate my mothers leg up to her hip,OR keep her comfortable…it was the hardest decision I ever made. I choose for her comfort. Then this hospital chose to harass me and my family about hospice,; while documenting they couldn’t get in touch with me. Obviously a lie since if you have a mother in a hospital that may pass at any time, you answer every call!! Every call consist of hospice management. (No difference in care, just the money the Mayo would save .) I didn’t even get a call when my mother passed. There was a note outside her room saying to meet with the nurses station prior to entering. (Over an hour after she had passed). I got medical records to just try to figure out what happened, there is missing events.,such as a night I’ll never forget when blood poured from my moms bed. No documentation of it, yet I’m told I have all the records. Weird. I hope that the one’s who dropped the ball on the best woman in the world, hear her screams of pain and attempt to ignore them now. It’s not about karma, it’s about humanity and the belief of doing what’s best for the suffering. You failed. For anyone reading, BE CAUTIOUS. REQUEST ALL TESTS! EVEN IF THEY SAY THEY’RE NOT NECESSARY! I promise you, you don’t want to be in a room with one of these bricks.

Hi @formom, it is heart wrenching to lose a parent and your situation is compounded with thoughts of not getting the attention and care she deserved and your not being able to be by her side. I encourage you to contact the Office of Patient Experience at Mayo Clinic to tell them about your experience. You'll find the contact information for the Florida Mayo campus on this webpage:

You may also wish to connect with others in the Loss & Grief group as you grieve the loss of your mom and strive to keep the good memories:

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