BCG treatment number 6 completed

Posted by ggarrepy @ggarrepy, Dec 20, 2022

Today is my sixth BCG treatment in Madison. I’m holding and turning for my two hours. The first three sessions were no big deal, but I began to react more and more with the last three. I’m hoping it is a sign that it is working. Will know mid January when we take a look.
With T1Hg I’m not playing games with this. If the BCG fails, this bladder is out!

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Madison, WI? I hope all goes well.


My husbands 5th is today. So far, he’s done ok. I think after last time he was more tired. The weather is very bad so we may not be able to make the hour drive to KC and will have to postpone until next week.
Glad you are done and hope for the very best results for you.

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