Basal Thumb Arthritis - surgical options

Posted by SpineAZ @spineaz, Jun 29, 2012

I have seen a physician in AZ (non-Mayo) who has recommended the standard tendon transfer surgery. But I found a video on You Tube of a Mayo doc in Rochester talking about another option – hemiarthroplasty. Is this available in Arizona or how do I specifically find out if the surgeons here do this?

i had my rt thumb reconstructed using tendon from midarm and am very pleased with that procedure. the big bump is gone, the pain is gone and i am using it just fine! wore a short cast for a few weeks and then a smaller cast then a plastic thumb splint. stitches were removed just before splint. doing real well, all my house work,am pleased.


How is your surgery holding up? Especially after a few years? I have arthritis in all my joints so not sure if procedure would help me ot not

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