Basal Cell Carcinoma

Posted by jk @jk, Sep 4, 2011

In 12-2010 had 3 growths removed from face. Tip of my nose turned out to be Basal Cell Carcinoma. Growth on cheek was Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Since cannot afford t Mohs surgery I have done nothing. Squamous Cell Carcinoma growth grew very fast (about 6 months to the point it was bleeding and hurting a lot and reason I had removed). Now have something growing in my ear, first thought was Psoriasis but since it bleeds and hurts am now not sure. My ear was turning black and I have earaches. Does anyone have any homeopathic suggestions? I used hydrogen peroxide therapy (hydrogen peroxide soaked cotton pad in ear for 30 minutes a day). My ear is much better but not totally cured.

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I had a large Basal Cell Carcinoma on my forehead and I used a topical cream called BEC5 which worked for me, I made a website and video about my treatment have a look if you’re interested. All the best


As I sit in the dermatologist office about to have a squamous cell carcinoma removed from my face by MOHs, I recommend you have your spots removed and any others checked. Set up a payment plan. I have had over 20 skin cancer surgeries, some of which included a plastic surgeon.

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