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Barretts Esophogus

Posted by @babsubu4evrgmailcom in Digestive Health, Jul 22, 2012

New to discussion. Just got this diagnosis a few weeks ago...After, six months of being sick with C. Diff., and much throwing up, stomach and intestional pains, generally sick-all-over...and pretty much bedfast. Back on my feet, but still have lots of stomach, esophogus, colon issues. Have to really watch what I eat and don't eat to keep the pain to a minimal...I was wondering if anyone has a surefire nutritional plan that works at least most of the time..I am pretty worn-out with this. I have lost about 35 lbs. since Jan. and still loosing. Thanks for any help...information..advise..


Posted by @ldenise, Aug 19, 2012

How are you treating the Barretts? I had a year of thermal ablation every 3 mos, no party, but it seemed to get rid of it. This week I will have an endoscopy to see if it has stayed gone.

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