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Barrett's Esophagus

Posted by @livingtoshop in Digestive Health, Sep 3, 2011

I have begun to notice that my stomach is very distended and I have gained 15 pounds in about 5 weeks. I do have pain very serious pain at times but nothing that is continuous. Being Post Menopausal and having small cysts on my ovaries I thought that was the problem. Now my constipation is out of control, nothing is really helping that problem. Anyone with similar condition or information would be so helpful. Thanks you.

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Posted by @misty, Sep 15, 2011

the constipation can cause terrible bloating and distention! I have had that problem for years and finally was diagnosed with celiac disease, Now that I am on a gluten free diet I am practically normal again. You may want to get tested.


Posted by @livingtoshop, Sep 15, 2011

Hi Misty, thank you for answering my question. If I am not mistaken my doctor did a blood test to check for Celic which showed nothing. That was last October, since then my symptoms are growing. Night Sweats are horrible and I noticed a large lump in the back of my neck a few days ago. Maybe I have a virus or something.


Posted by @misty, Sep 17, 2011

Have your thyroid checked if you haven't already. Thyroid disease can cause weight gain, night sweats and sometimes the thyroid gland (in the neck) becomes enlarged.

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