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banding at the top of a leaking stent

Posted by @kdwyerwirrcom, Jan 28, 2012

Has anyone had a band stitched into place at the top end of an abdominal aortic stent in an attempt to stop the leaking? I don’t know the exact title this procedure has, but it was described as a piece of felt like material wrapped around the aorta above and below the top of a stent that is leaking. After they felt is tightened, then the felt is then stitched into place. Mayo cannot give me any percentages of success or improved life span as not many of these procedures have been done. As the cut to do this surgery is the same as in a replacement of the aorta, it still is fairly intense. Has anyone had this done, and would you recommend it? I feel we are grasping at straws to stay alive, as this is mother’s only option.


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